Radical Democracy: European Video Challenge 2014

Radical Democracy: European Video Challenge 2014 aims to instigate a debate and discover ‘radical’ stories about what is and should be happening in Europe. Inspired by the European Elections 2014, it is an invitation to think about the role we play in decision-making processes – and to challenge prevailing notions of democracy and participation. The 10 winning Radical Democracy videos will be screened at various festivals and platforms, and become part of the Media Collection.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 09.47.39On February 17, Doc Next Network called on media makers, social activists and critical thinkers to take a stand: to share their views on ‘Europe’, reflect on alternatives, and create new narratives for an open society. A total of 212 media makers from across Europe responded and submitted their work. We then invited online audiences to cast their votes: between April 16 and 27 nearly 7000 people voted for their favourite videos. At the same time, a Doc Next Selection Committee  made their selection. On May 18, an international jury will announce and award the 10 winners of the challenge.

Go to challenge.docnextnetwork.org for all submitted videos and more! For latest news, go here.

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Radical Democracy: Video Challenge for an Open Society is a project by Doc Next Network, an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation. The project is supported by the Open Society Foundations.

Doc Next Network is a unique movement of independent cultural and media organisations. It is a collective of researchers, programmers, educators and innovators working with young people and media in the UK, Spain, Poland and Turkey. Through a common methodology that supports the ideas of open access, free culture and expanded education in which (digital) media plays a crucial role, Doc Next Network strives for social justice and inclusive public opinion in Europe.

The network consists of Future Film Programme of the British Film Institute (UK), MODE Istanbul (Turkey), ZEMOS98 (Spain) and Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” (Poland).



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