Doc Next IDFAcademy participants

Part of the Doc Next programme is the presence of ten young makers for the IDFAcademy.
IDFAcademy offers an exclusive training program during the festival for 150 film students and emerging documentary filmmakers from home and abroad. IDFAcademy 2011 will take place from 17-20 November in the historic heart of Amsterdam. Doc Next offers special workshops custom made for D-I-Y makers.

Doc Next Network is proud to present ‘our’ participants:

“Movies make me discover the world around me”

Iwo Kondefer, student, Poland

Iwo Kondefer (19) made his first documentary at the age of 16. He graduated at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, where he directed Miejski srodek komunikacji. “Film is the greatest passion in my life, so my ambition is to work as a film director in the future. Movies make me discover the world around me. And to me it also is a way to communicate. My next project will be a short feature film based on a story by Polish writer Lidia Amejko. Realisation of this movie is now my main goal.”

For his second film, Everything, Iwo received the Grand Prix at OKFA Festival in Konin and First Prize at the Festival of Funny Independent Films in Lubomierz.



“Looking for unique stories and characters in every day life”

Mawaan Rizwan, online presenter/producer, UK

Self-made YouTube sensation Mawaan Rizwan (20) has recently graduated from an industry-funded film training scheme named Second Light, where he had the chance to develop skills in screenwriting and directing. “I write, perform and edit my own comedy show online, which has 47,063 online subscribers and over 10.5 million views on YouTube. My ambition is to look for unique stories and characters, quirky stories with themes on immigration, cultural differences and disorientated families. Traveling the globe; meeting people, learning and creatively engaging with different lifestyles and cultures. Finding humour in every day life.”



I want to build my life on filmmaking, it has captured me completely”

Selin Gunduz, filmmaker, Turkey

Selin Gunduz (21) is an aspiring DIY filmmaker with tremendous self-motivation. She did not attend university nor did she receive formal media education, but she pushes herself to learn more about filmmaking, screenwriting, photography and acting by attending certificate programs, workshops and seminars. “To me, filmmaking is not a temporary interest. It has captured me completely. I want to build my life on it, I am saving money by working other jobs in order to make films and also to attend screenings and other film related events.” Selin now works on the script for her new short film and is preparing a documentary on internet censorship in Turkey.





“Cinematography provides me with the perfect mix of creative and technical challenges”

Alex Nevill, freelance cinematographer, UK

Upcoming cinematographer, with experience working on award winning narrative and documentary short films, Alex Nevill (21) studied Digital Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire for which he achieved a first class honours degree. “Cinematography provides me with the perfect mix of creative and technical challenges. I see film as the oldest and richest art form and storytelling as an intrinsic part of human nature. Using a visual medium to evoke emotion, portray narrative and entertain is something that both fascinates and encapsulates me and it gives me the change to express myself.”


“I prefer to work on several projects simultaneously”

Jakub Piatek, director/Screenwriter, Poland

At the age of 18, Jakub Piatek (26) started a movie club with a few friends, which eventually evolved into an open-air cinema with 500 seats. Later on, he graduated at the Polish National Film School. “I am working on several projects simultaneously. I am developing an observational doc about a truck driver and his teenage son, I am editing a personal fiction doc about my mother and myself and I am also working on a feature project with several producers I met during film school.”

His work has been awarded at FIKE Festival in Portugal, Art-House Film Festival in Georgia, Iran International Film Festival and at the International Short Film Festival in Bulgaria.



“Projects beyond common sense, but all framed within the context of audiovisual and digital culture”

Felipe G. Gil, filmmaker, Spain

Felipe G. Gil (30) devoted himself at a young age to recording radio programs on cassette tapes and fantasized that one day he would be a great communicator. It was during his audiovisual communication study that he developed many projects, “most of them beyond common sense, but all framed within the context of audiovisual and digital culture”. So far he has only published and distributed a small part of his work, amongst which we find Videooenrecreant, el Tenista and Anything. In his spare time he “tries to further reflect and produce work on issues such as communication, remix, education, DIY, meta and fiction.”




“My ambition in life is to make creative, innovative and inspiring films”

Akile Nazli Kaya, director, Turkey

Turkish born Akile Nazli Kaya (31) is an awarded animator/director/designer working and studying in Prague. Her productions focus on important themes such as immigration, food security and personal freedom. “My biggest ambition in life is to make creative, innovative and inspiring short animated films and documentaries that address social and environmental issues. My dream is to open an animation studio in Prague and Istanbul that will create socially and environmentally concerned ‘green’ films.”

Her animated short film Zlinska Polevka/Zlin Soup (“a portrait of the city of Zlin”) has won several awards, including the Best Short Film Award at the Green Film Festival in Seoul in 2009.



I believe in the multidisciplinary aspect of film making”

Pablo Domínguez, freelance graphic-designer/videographer, Spain

Graphic-designer/videographer Pablo Domínguez (27) considers himself a blend of several artistic disciplines. “I believe in the multidisciplinary aspect of film making, because there are so many different ways to transmit the same. I like to work with different techniques and methods, but nowadays my main focus is on video graphics. I also have a special interest in the environment and nature, because I grew up in a village near North Sevilla. Later on I went to Budapest to continue my artistic education. At the moment I am working on audiovisuals and graphic designs, as well as teaching teenagers on this subject.”




I am part of so many different cultures that it gives me a unique perspective”

Aleksandr Kheyfets, independent videographer, Estonia

Independent filmmaker and videographer Aleksandr Kheyfets (31) was born in Russia, raised in the U.S., studied film in the Czech Republic, produced tv ads in Tajikistan and is currently located in Tallinn, Estonia. “I have a wide experience in directing, shooting and editing documentaries, short fictions and commercial videos. I am part of so many different cultures that it gives me a unique perspective ambition for the future: transition to fiction films.”


“Creating media productions enables me to inspire, teach, inform and mobilize all sorts of people.” 

Philip Bakker, CEO and producer, NL

Philip Bakker (27) uses modern media tools to pioneer towards a next level. His ambition is to create political documentations on upcoming changes. “We are facing difficult times and both in politics and on a communal level we have to make some hard choices. In creating media productions and documentaries on these topics, I hope to inspire, teach and mobilise all sorts of people. And I intend to keep doing this for as long as I live.”