IDFA 2011

D-I-Y documentary makers zoom in on Europe

A new generation of young do-it-yourself documentary makers is ready to represent Europe with fresh ideas, new forms of documentary and unexpected local heroes. These makers make full use of accessible media to share personal reflections that portray another Europe.

Doc Next is a partnership between IDFA and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

Doc Next films are personal reflections that portray another Europe. What crisis means to young Greeks, late nightlife in a London launderette, a Turkish girl immigration story and the neighbour who knows everything about everyone in Warsaw… How do they deal with daily life? Which images of Europe do they reveal?

The partnership of IDFA and ECF is based on a mutual concern for the inclusion of young D-I-Y media talent in public opinion. IDFA scouts for new talents by visiting film schools, writings to broadcasters and using international scouts. Many young filmmakers also know where to find IDFA and send their work directly to the festival. Through its Doc Next Network in several European countries, the ECF aims to give a voice to young people who are often excluded from sharing their views and stories with a broad public in mainstream media.

Doc Next is a programme of screenings, meetings and debate. Doc Next films are screened prior to feature-length documentaries in the main program. More D-I-Y films can be seen in the Doc Next Mini Cinema on the Rembrandtsplein. Part of the Doc Next programme is the presence of ten young makers for the IDFAcademy. On Sunday 20 November a Doc Next industry panel will tackle the question: “Is the documentary industry over the hill?” Against the backdrop of an aging television audience, a new generation of media consumers is emerging who in many cases are also media producers. Should the documentary industry try to adapt to these “prosumers,” and how should it go about doing so? With Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo), Stan van Engelen (Metropolis TV), Alexandre Bracher (e-producer) and others.






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