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We share the works of a new generation of European documentary makers with a wide audience. Through the Doc Next Media Collection, cultural professionals, festival programmers, policy-makers, broadcasters, researchers, teachers and wider audiences across the world have access to hundreds of amazing alternative short documentaries, political video remixes, reportages, artistic films and lots of footage shot by young people in Europe in the last years.


Films for different conversations

The Doc Next Media Collection is a unique living archive of socially conscious video making which has been growing steadily since 2007.

600 documentaries, short films, homemade videos, remixes, pieces of mixed media, music videos, animations, artistic films and comic films engaging with life in Europe and at its borders. They include:

  • Revealing amateur films made by with and for young people
  • Documentaries illustrating personal and collective memories
  • Observational portraits of towns, cities and villages
  • Illustrations of social tensions, protests and upheavals
  • Personal films looking at experiences of different identity groups
  • Documentaries showing day-to-day experiences of love, life and work
  • Artistic videos evoking feelings, emotions and dreamstates.


Some highlights in the archive:

My Ukrainian
A short film animating sinister attitudes to Ukrainian housekeepers in Poland.
A recent video portrait of an elderly woman who can remember the Armenian Genocide.
Faster, Harder, Stronger
A fly-on-the-wall documentary exploring macho-culture and the insecurities which lie behind it on a night out in Istanbul.
A cut and paste geopolitical history of the last 25 years from David Hasselhoff on the Berlin Wall to Helmand.
To Lapland
A short film showing two well-educated Spanish men forced to move to Lapland to take work shoveling snow.
Rising Prices in the Bride Market
A news report from a market in Romania where young girls are bought and sold.

New themes and categorisation

The videos are organised into seven themes which give an identity to the collection:

Social Struggles – the frontlines and faultlines of politics and power
Watching Places – films documenting places and the people who live in them
Memories – films made of personal and collective memories
Identities & Interests  – experiences of individuals and groups with whom they identify
Everyday Life – documenting people at work, at play and in love
Youth – films made by, with and for young people
Moods – videos to feel more than read

The videos are also organised into more specific lists which provide a ‘face’ for the collection and are a way of making it easier to connect the collection to current affairs, anniversaries and reflect the Doc Next Network’s new areas of work.


The collection is a resource for people who want to start different conversations.

It’s for teachers who want to bring ideas to life. For organisers who want to animate events and places and researchers who want to discover new perspectives on social issues in Europe. It’s also for filmmakers who are looking for content they can appropriate, reanimate and reuse.

At this moment the Media Collection is available on Vimeo, as a public showcase, and on ResourceSpace, a platform for professional distributors and researchers with private use.

We want to take all this valuable material onto a next level, by reorganising the content and improving the tools we have to build an open platform that is both a media archive and a device for telling new stories about Europe.