Remix Room under construction

“The ‘Remix Room’ of Remapping Europe – A Remix Project is our digital storage room, where we collect and file all our documents stemming from this artistic and investigative project.

The Remix Room will open April 2014. Keep posted!

Archived individually, the images, stills of videos, articles, quotes, interviews, links, bios and all other documents that are the result of the project’s activities, are now brought into the public domain as a relevant archive that can feed others for their researches or just as new points of references.

The documents in this archive dó relate to each-other in the project, however, we find that they can be useful and inspiring in other contexts too than our own project Remapping Europe. Hence, the title ‘Remix Room’ is chosen as a symbolic name for this archive of individual (parts of) stories in which the migrant’s perspective is the central focus.

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