What’s happening in Seville today?

The topic of the second day of the 16th ZEMOS98 Festival is ‘The domestic is political‘.

Migrant women are usually who take care of domestic tasks. This means that migrant women are supporting the economic system of European countries. Care work is all those invisible practices that must happen in order to let others have a full time job.

This video ‘Inmate’ is from our Remapping Europe video collection: It is about the physical and existential need for a personal space you can call your own. Three migrant housekeepers reminisce about their places at home. In the homes they work in, they feel like inmates; in their own homes, far away, they are free. – By María Jesús Valenzuela (1986) from Chile.

In the video below ‘My Ukrainian’, Krzysztof Janiak read dozens of comments on polish forums for people looking for Ukrainian house help. Poland has long faced employment related migrations to the west. On the other hand – Ukrainian women have been coming for several years now to become the help in middle class homes. They work illegally, below their education and skills. This remix tells about their employers and makes an attempt to imagine that anonymity would be impossible. It’s the story of the power of words.

Today, in the morning a group of 50 media-makers, thinkers, artists and activist are creating a fresh front page of a financial newspaper, subverting the usual logic, language and contents.

In the afternoon, there is another Audio-visual Source Code, this time by Ayse Akalin, assistant Professor of Sociology in the Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences at Istanbul Technical University. Live-stream at 5.30 pm.

More about the HOME Encounter seminar here.