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Displaced in Media Training Course

Refugees have entered European countries, but they haven’t entered the public sphere. When they do, it is as characters in other people’s stories – desperate faces, surging hoards and floating bodies – something ‘other’. We rarely hear from young refugees as experts or legitimate voices.

The strategic partnership “Displaced In Media” is set up to contribute to a European innovative and collaborative infrastructure that supports refugee participation through media. We do this because if refugees and migrants are to become citizens of Europe, we believe they need to be participants in – rather than subjects of – public debate.
Between March 27th and April 2nd 2017 over thirty journalists, film makers, photographers, media educators and social workers from all over Europe took part in a peer-to-peer training hosted at Ondertussen in Amsterdam. Throughout the five-day training the participants presented their work, gave each other feedback on their local challenges and worked together on methodologies to include refugee perspectives into the European public sphere.

The participants will test these methodologies in their local practices and exchange their experiences and outcomes on ECF Lab Hacking the Veil. In spring 2018 the group will meet again in Seville to develop a recipe book for refugee inclusion through media.

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