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Doc Next Media Collection: new content organization

We are developing a new strategy for the DNN Media Collection, starting by a total reorganization of the content by themes, purpose and form.

The Doc Next Media Collection is a living archive of videos produced during various Doc Next Network projects. There are about 600 documentaries, short films, homemade videos, remixes, pieces of mixed media, music videos, animations, artistic and humorous films about life in Europe and at its borders. We are currently developing a new strategy for this archive, starting with a total reorganization of the content by themes, purpose and form.

To re-think this categorization in terms of content we are happy to have collaborated with Charlie Tims, an independent researcher who works in communication and policy development. As a result of his work, we now have a new set of themes: Social Struggles, Identities & Interests, Everyday Life, Watching Places, Memories, Youth and Moods. Within each theme we have created different lists that link videos around a more concrete topic (Urban Change, Migrant Experiences, Authoritarianism, Transgressions, Hybrid Identities, etc). The aim is to facilitate the use of the Media Collection by researchers, festivals, media-makers, educators or policy-makers according to their own social interests. We have also categorized the videos by form (documentary, drama, mixed media, music video, spoof, video art) and purpose (statement, portrayal, portrait, thought, appeal) along with more concrete tags that facilitate search and exploration of the whole archive.


On top of that, we offer different playlists selected by guest curators that provide different paths to explore the collection according to a more particular issue or story. We are also curating videos for the DNN’s latest project, Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons, by creating playlists for our media labs in each country (Poland, Spain, Turkey and the UK) related to the topics and social agents they are working with.

At this moment our collection is available on two platforms: Vimeo, with public access for anyone to view our videos and playlists, and Resource Space, an archive platform with private access that can be requested if you need any of our videos to be screened or re-used. We want to develop a new platform that is both an online archive and a portal to further our Media Collection, to harness the potential of this large catalogue of films. This content reorganization is one of the first steps. We hope that it is helpful, either for people that already know our work or for newcomers to discover compelling videos through our lists.

Our next efforts will focus on creating new tools and expanding the reach of our archive. We imagine the media collection as the beating heart of the Doc Next Network, dictating the rhythms, setting the tempo and supplying energy and new ideas to a network of video makers and activists.

  • Take a look at the updated Media Collection page on the Doc Next Network website.
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