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We love to think, discuss, write and create. Our topics are about  the imagery of migrants in Europe, non-formal education, remix and DIY media, free culture, and the links between these.  On this page you can find links to bloggers and websites that we think are very interesting. Want to share your knowledge? Please drop us a mail with any suggestions for the list!


Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 1.57.14 PMIMAGERY OF MIGRANTS IN EUROPE & MAPPING

Alle Bleiben! Collaboration of different German organisations struggling for the right of Roma people to live/stay in Germany.

Asylum Meets Art in Slovenia Slovenia, a transit country for migrants and immigrants from its EU and Balkan borders and beyond, boasts its own asylum culture.

Atlas of European Values Extensive public opinion poll to all kinds of subjects that might concern Europeans.

BORDER04 Coalition of fine art and performance artists, human rights-, noborder- and new media-activists, filmmakers, video- and photografers, researchers, scientists and investigators.

Café Babel Pan-European online magazine in six languages. Main topics: immigration, minorities, ecology, university, technology/media, enlargement, protests, lgbt.

Can Non-Europeans Think? “Why is it that if Mozart sneezes it is music (and I am quite sure the great genius even sneezed melodiously) but the most sophisticated Indian music ragas are the subject of ethnomusicology?”

Cartography of migration flows Examples of maps that deal with critical views on border politics.

Farflung Families in Film Website dedicated to the portrayal of migrant/diasporic families in cinema.

Getting the Voice Out Belgian activist movement that supports refugees in detention and collects their stories for publishing.

Media Diversity Institute Works internationally to encourage and facilitate responsible media coverage of diversity.

Media4us Aims to enhance the general public’s perception on migration by making immigrants and their integration efforts more visible in society.

MiraMedia Dutch foundation that aims for a better representation and participation of migrants in Dutch media on a local level, doing research and organising projects.

Reporters Across Borders Launched as a response to the growing importance of media in shaping perceptions about the current events in the Arab Mediterranean countries.

Romedia Foundation Working towards contributing to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combating anti-Roma prejudice, and providing alternative information to policy makers on Roma through the production of films and videos, international multi-media campaigns, and public events.

Ru’a Blog functioning as an intersection between western criticism and the islam rhizome to deconstruct the media monotype imposed on islamic realities.

On Road Not-for-profit organisation that works with excluded and misrepresented communities to look for solutions to social problems using the web, technology and the media.

Wij Blijven Hier By and for Dutch muslims on a variety of topics. How direct use of own media can serve self-emancipation.


History of Subversive Remix Video Before YouTube Thirty political video mashups made between World War II and 2005. A commented collection of pre-Youtube-era remix videos with a general introduction about remix.

Political Remix Video Aims to showcase some of the best, most innovative and inspiring examples of political remix video on the net.

Power to the Pixel Supports the film and media industries in their transition to a digital age.

Rebellious Pixels Blog of Jonathan McIntosh, ‘Pop Culture Hacker’ and transformative story teller.

Remix Cinema Workshop The aim of Beyond Text is to support a multi-disciplinary community of scholars and practitioners drawn from Higher Education, museums, galleries, libraries and archives, business, policy, media, technology and the law to explore how human communication is articulated through sound, sight and associated sensory perceptions in both the past and the present.

Remix Theory An online resource that offers some of his research on Remix. It is a resource updated periodically, according to the flow of research.

RiP: a Remix Manifesto Explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers.

Teatron Independent online platform created for artists, audiences and professionals with an interest in transdisciplinary creation (in English, Catelan and Castillano).

The Web Video Problem Why it’s time to rethink visual storytelling by Adam Westbrook.

We Make Money Not Art Régine Debatty writes about the intersection between art, science and social issues. She also contributes to several European design and art magazines and lectures internationally about the way artists, hackers and designers use science as a medium for critical discussion.


CCCBLab Reflections on the effects of collaborative digital media and forms of knowledge transfer.

Educacion Expandida ZEMOS98 (partner in Doc Next Network) investigated the alternatives for formal education and other ways of expressing knowledge. This process, in which activists, educators and people from the cultural and social innovation sector participated, took place in the context of the international workshop ‘Educación Expandida’ (Expanded Education). The results were collected and documented on this blog.


Remapping Europe Tumblr Our 4 Travelling Contributors for Remapping Europe participate by going to all international Media Ateliers. They create their own remix works. In addition, they are responsible to capture and document the processes and dynamics of all  Ateliers. They have their ow blog.

Hubs Our network consists of strategic partnerships with 4 European independent cultural organisations: The Association of Creative Initiatives “ę” (Warsaw, Poland), The Future Film Porgramme of the British Film Institute (London, UK), MODE Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey) and Zemos98 (Seville, Spain).

European Souvenirs Doc Next’s live cinema performance. Delving into audiovisual materials from leading European archives, European Souvenirs offers a trip down memory lane. Remixing music, photography and film, the group re-examines the prevailing imagery of immigrants across European communities and re-maps Europe visually, geographically and conceptually. And blog about it.

Benoit Detalle Doc Next’s ‘embedded reporter’, who documents, monitors and reviews the processes and the results of the project Remapping Europe. Audiovisual producer, writer and teacher. Interested in understanding audiovisual materials as constituent forms of culture, he is driven by projects that seek to go beyond simple narratives of History.