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Daring to ask questions is crucial for networked societies.


On behalf of Doc Next Network, Felipe G. Gil of ZEMOS98 spoke at the 24TH European Foundation Centre Annual General Assembly and Conference on 30 May in Copenhagen. The presentation was meant as a trigger to evoke debate amongst some of the leading foundations in Europe on questions we are facing as a network in our ambition to strive for social justice via inclusive public opinion, expanded education and free culture. So, the presentation was an honest –  brave! –  exercise in transparency about our challenges, doubts and opportunities.

Of course we are developing answers as we work! But we know that in asking the right questions to ourselves, we can really work on some great solutions. Does that sound ambitious enough? See the integral presentation here and leave us a comment if you have more questions, answers or just suggestions! (more…)

Nice to meet you!
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Dorota Borodaj (Poland), Paulina Capala (Poland), Matt Cuzner (UK), Ruben Díaz (Spain), Felipe González Gil (Spain), Noel Goodwin (UK), Pedro Jiménez (Spain), Puck de Klerk (The Netherlands), Vivian Paulissen (The Netherlands), Menno Weijs (The Netherlands), Gokce Su Yogurtcuoglu (Turkey).


David Sypniewski (Poland), Ahmed Sheikh (UK), Lucas Tello Pérez (Spain), Nagehan Uskan (Turkey).


David Gallardo, Ellavled Alcano, Dana, María Jesús Valenzuela, Lucia Cherubini, Abigail Steph, Dennis Huarache, Riley Stevenson, Alhassan Fofanah, Pablo Navarro, John, Gülten Okçuoğlu, Fatih Bilgin, Enes Uysal, Aybüke Samast, Handan Kaygusuz, Seda Kayım, Mehmet Sami, Şahika Karatepe, Melis Göker, Osman Bayram, Hülya Mete, Süleyman Şahin, Hande Zerkin, Pınar İdil Yakut, Can Tanyeli, F.E., Natalia Nguyen, Alicja Plachowna-Vasilevska, Michalina Musielak, Anahita Rezaei, Magda Pytlakowska, Maria Stafyniak.


HOME – Remixing Memories in Transit was an interdisciplinary seminar based on the methodologies of collective intelligence within Remapping Europe as part of the 16th ZEMOS98 Festival. In HOME, more than 50 multi-media creators, curators and educators, sharing migrant European, Asian, African and Latin American backgrounds are connecting new dots on the map: They challenge myths, deconstruct and remix prevailing imagery to present alternative perspectives on Europe. Who is who?



Remapping Europe: case study in international and inter-institutional collaboration.

Collaboration across Europe benefits from some key ingredients, which need to be at the root of our working processes. We must cross and indeed break-down borders on many physical and metaphysical levels. Collaboration enhances the ‘spaces in-between’, the intersections between, people, organisations and ideas. In our complicated (but very rich) 21st century, the intersections are not of two spheres converging, but of many – layered, interconnected – and made even more complex by the digital opportunities that envelop us.

The artists of European Souvenirs (left to right): Karol Rakowski (Poland), Bariş Gürsel (Turkey), Farah Rahman (Netherlands), Malaventura (Spain), Noriko Okaku (Japan / UK). Pic by Ricardo Barquín Molero.

The artists of European Souvenirs (left to right): Karol Rakowski (Poland), Bariş Gürsel (Turkey), Farah Rahman (Netherlands), Malaventura (Spain), Noriko Okaku (Japan / UK).

This paper considers a thought provoking project through several lenses, through several intersections. The two year experimental project Remapping Europe – a Remix was initiated by Doc Next Network, a network instigated by the Youth and Media Programme of the European Cultural Foundation. The project launched in De Balie, Amsterdam in October 2012 with a live cinema performance by five young multimedia artists from different corners of Europe called European Souvenirs. (more…)

Next stop: Planete + Doc in Poland.

Planete_Doc_2013The festival season has started and the first stop for Doc Next Network is the Polish Planete + Doc Film Festival!

With more than 30,000 visitors, Planete + Doc is the biggest documentary festival in Poland and one of the most important festivals of its kind in Europe. On 16 May 2013, you can attend a screening, show and workshop in the framework of Remapping Europe, a project by Doc Next Network. In the films that are programmed, young documentary makers look at the present image of migrants in Europe and tell their stories in a remix form. Among them are an art student from Iran, a Pole born in France, a reporter of Belsat and an independent Belarusian television journalist. They live in Poland, the UK, Turkey and Spain, and their stories draw a new map of contemporary Europe.

As well as Remapping Europe you can also watch an unusual Live Cinema Show, during which, in the rhythm of live music and image mixes, the authors will once again touch upon the subject of borders.

The 10th edition of the Planete + Doc Film Festival festival will be held from 10 – 19 May 2013 in Warsaw and 12 – 19 May 2013 in Wroclaw. The European Souvenirs show is on 16 May 2013 at 21:00 in Cafe Kulturalna (in the famous Palace of Culture and Sciences) in Warsaw. Entrance is free!

Please note this show is modified version of the original show, with local artists.

Presentation at The Forum for European Journalism Students.

Today, we are presenting Doc Next and Remapping Europe to more than 100 student journalists form all over Europe!

155638_168258049864095_6076208_nThe 2013 Annual Congress (AC) is organized by the Forum for European Journalism Students, together with partners Evens Foundation and Café Babel in the Netherlands (25th to the 30th of April).

The topic of this year’s AC is ‘Imagine Europe: The remainder of the European Dream beyond the economic markets – is there a European society of culture, values, narratives and solidarity?’

The Dutch Organising Committee wants to portray a broad picture of the non-economic Europe. “Now that Barroso, Verhofstadt and Van Rompuy are daydreaming out loud about a European federation, we want to offer the young journalists sufficient and in-depth insights into that other Europe, the one of the narratives and diversity. The aim will be less on journalism than in other years, but it will not be forgotten – the editorial board of El País will be with us, NRC Handelsblad will be involved, and quite some lectures and Unknownworkshops will be dedicated to our profession. However, we believe that each journalist needs up-to-date knowledge of high quality to be able to report at the same level of quality. Therefore, we have invited about twenty Dutch and international high profiled speakers, to give lectures and workshops and to participate in debates and a panel discussion.

Subjects which we will discuss are, among others: Until where do the borders of Eastern Europe reach in terms of culture, geography, religion, linguistics and political values? Does a common European culture actually exist or is there even a creatable esprit européen, and if not, is that amiss? Should Europe have its own army, be upfront globally in terms of environment policy or human rights, by means of soft power? What does the art of painting tell us about Europe, what is the status of active European citizenship, a public space – which role is there to play by journalism? In what way is the European novel binding, amazing and educating us?”

Unknown-1imagesFor the Doc Next Network presentation the students visit Amsterdam.

Read more…

Remapping Europe, a Remix Project
Remapping Europe, a Remix Project investigates imagery about migrants in Europe, and the relation between migrant portrayal in mainstream media and public opinion.
Remapping Europe, a Remix Project is an investigative artistic project by Doc Next Network with activities that stem from one underlying principle: re-mixing of media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imagery of migrants in European societies.

hero_bike2In the public debate and imagery of Europe, migrants are still often portrayed along merely national, ethnic or religious lines. Specific local and personal perspectives of immigrants are often lacking and important country-or region-specific migration contexts not nuanced. This exclusion of the perspective of migrants in mainstream media also hinders creative and cultural potential. It does no justice to an inclusive and creative Europe.

Doc Next Network explores these notions in a two year project called Remapping Europe, a Remix Project. The aim of the multilayered project is to highlight the own perspectives of young migrant media-makers in four countries by including their mediaworks, stories and visions in the public discourse.

We are working with some 50  young media makers from Poland, Turkey, Spain and the UK , who have a migrant background,  to   deconstruct existing imagery of migrants in different European countries and… to remix that. By presenting their  visual remix stories we aim to create a new imagery of migrants: in and of Europe. We are interested in the debate around media, migrants, Europe and ‘ self-representation’. We invite you to take part in our journey!

We use re-mixing of media both as a tool as well as a cultural framework. The concept of ‘remix’book_catalog refers to a broad set of social and cultural practices consisting of the fragmentation, re-ordering, and re-contextualisation of both pre-existing and new content – whether text, sound or image. A method which reveals the local and personal perspectives of migrants, as captured by a new generation of digital storytellers. Ultimately, we want to ‘re-map’ Europe visually, geographically and mentally.



  • Towarzystwa Inicjatyw Twórczych “ę” (Creative Initiatives “ę”), Poland
  • Future Film Programme of the British Film Institute, UK
  • MODE Istanbul, Turkey
  • ZEMOS98, Spain

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European Souvenirs at The Mapping Festival and DOKUFEST.


After shows in Vienna, Amsterdam, Bilbao and Seville, European Souvenirs will be staged at the renowned Mapping Festival for VISUAL AUDIO & DEVIANT ELECTRONICS (Geneva, 2-12 May 2013). Then we are off to DOKUFEST in Kosovo!

European Souvenirs is Doc Next’s live cinema performance. Delving into audiovisual materials from leading European archives, Doc Next Network brings you European Souvenirs that offer a trip down memory lane. Remixing music, photography and film, the European Souvenirs artistic group re-examines the prevailing imagery of immigrants across European communities and re-maps Europe visually, geographically and conceptually. European Souvenirs is a major live-cinema performance by artists Karol Rakowski (PL), Barış Gürsel (TR), Farah Rahman (NL), Malaventura (ES) and Noriko Okaku (JP/UK). (more…)

Remapping Europe Atelier Seville
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Within Remapping Europe, a Remix project, we organize international Ateliers in Warsaw, Istanbul, Seville and London. An Atelier is a safe place for young people with migrant backgrounds to reflect on the existing imagery in Europe and to contribute to this imagery with their own remix-ed media works.
Artistic remix performances (scheduled for 2013 and 2013) are connected to the process, the participants and the outcomes of the ateliers. (more…)