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The Doc Next Media Collection | Doc Next on VimeoDoc Next on ResourceSpace | Curated Playlists MCstills-couchsurfing Our Media Collection can be used as a device for storytelling and for illustrating different issues in contemporary Europe. As an example, we have invited some key figures to create curated playlists of videos from our archive that follow a particular idea.

María Yáñez curates: The Ones That Stay

María Yáñez (digital media maker and researcher ) is Doc Next Networks first guest curator. Delving into our Media Collection, she selected a route guided by a personal intimate view that inspired by Galicia, the community where she lives, called The Ones that Stay. Galicia is one of the provinces in Spain with a high rate of emigration. Young people are moving elsewhere, making Galicia ‘s population one of the most aged in Europe. María looks at the people who stay and take care of the ‘homeland’. As a starting point María uses Doc Next’s videos from Turkey, Poland, the UK and Spain, in which people speak about their ‘local’ worries. María’ s choice sketches the relation between a changing demography, capitalism and migration as seen by the elderly in Europe. The Ones that Stay have to struggle against the drain of people and resources in Europe’s small villages – a process of expropriation which is almost unstoppable. In these small villages María finds the Europe she can identify with.

Necati Sonmez curates: Resist to Exist

To resist or not to exist? According to our Turkish guest curator Necati Sonmez, that’s the question. When asked to curate a selection of Doc Next videos, he decided on a frame in line with the theme of this year’s Which Human Rights? Film Festival: #resistance. Obviously  inspired by the Gezi Park revolts that took place in June 2013, coinciding with the DOCUMENTARIST Istanbul Documentary Days, of which Necati Sonmez is one of the initiators.

From Necati’s point of view, any act of resistance occurs against borders – the attempts that restrict our lives and freedom. Resistance is the essential to exist. Resisting is not only a political act but also a matter of existence.

Edwin Bendyk curates: Respect, appreciation, solidarity

Who is a stranger? Who is one of us? The mechanisms of ‘stranger production’ inspired thousands of writers, many films were dedicated to it, some masterpieces among them. One might think that the problem of exclusion and excluding was moved to scientific archives and libraries. But instead, we often wonder if an open inclusive community, based on respect and appreciation for everyone, is just an episode of history. Edwin Bendyk, Polish writer and journalist, selected Doc Next Network films inspired by this question. Edwin Bendyk is interested mostly in topics revolving around the theme of social transformations. His research is focused on how developments in science and technology impact our culture and social life, our politics and the economy.

Campaigning for the Commons

Related to our project Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons we have also curated 4 playlists that can help the campaigns in which our four medialabs are working. This is another way to show how can the DNN videos be used for campaigning and advocacy:

Opening the heart of the city (Poland Medialab)

Making the city liveable (Turkey Medialab)

Finding a home in the city  (UK Medialab)

Taking back the city (Spain Medialab)

Are you a curator?

Do you want to curate the Media Collection videos?  Just make a public playlist and share it with us, adding some context or story about why have you selected those videos. We can publish it here and spread it through our network.

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