European Souvenirs @ Vrede van Utrecht Festival

We invite you to take a trip down memory lane in a side-programme to the House of Eutopia, as on 19 September, European Souvenirs will present their re-mapping of Europe visually, geographically and conceptually at the Vrede van Utrecht (‘Treaty of Utrecht’) Festival 2013.

European Souvenirs is Doc Next Networks live-cinema performance. Remixing music, photography and film, the European Souvenirs artistic group re-examined the prevailing imagery of immigrants across European communities and re-maps Europe visually, geographically and conceptually.

European Souvenirs is created by the artistic ensemble of five European media-makers that were born during the decades of the 1980s and later in Spain, Poland, UK, Turkey and the Netherlands. They have different profiles complementing each other as media artists, performers, 3D animators, documentarians, musicians, DJs and VJs. The audience will enjoy an audiovisual journey through the re-interpretation of home and institutional archives. This performance aims to capture the views of a new generation of media-makers to address key concerns and issues of the Europe we live in for a broad audience in Europe and beyond.[/caption]

urlThe artists are: Karol Rakowski (PL), Barış Gürsel (TR), Farah Rahman (NL), Malaventura (ES) and Noriko Okaku (UK/JP), delved for half a year into audiovisual materials from leading European archives.

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Tickets now on sale via Treaty of Utrecht.