Live-streaming ‘Autonomous imageries’ by Carlos Delclós and Mamadou Kheraba Drame.

Our memories are part of a living archive, we are constantly producing and re-interpreting images, in fact we are built with images. We feel the need of explaining ourselves through audiovisual contents.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 17.22.21A source code is the combination of text which enables a computer to execute a software item. Sharing the source code is the basis of free software. The Audiovisual Source Code sets out from the point of applying this idea to culture, to realize that every cultural issue is produced through different voices in relation to the context where it’s produced. Creativity is often represented as witchcraft in the Western World; The Audiovisual Source Code tries to erase this idea of the artist as an inventor and the Copyright laws that are supported by this idea, as well as the business models produced by the cultural industries. This format lets us rethink culture as an infinite palimpsest, art as a game between different people from different eras, remixing as a cultural system where these processes take place.

The Audiovisual Source Code as a space to play and experiment, as a hybrid frame between a lecture and a screening, and many more things.

Autonomous Imageries

Mamadou Kheraba Drame is a Barcelona-based Senegalese linguist, and a prominent figure in Catalonia’s pan-Africanist movement. He is the president of the Barcelona Pan-Africanist Association and was the spokesperson for the Cal Áfricacommunity that grew out of the occupation of an abandoned factory in Barcelona’s Poblenou area. He is the manager of the integral cooperative Cal Africa Moving, founder of the Lukum Taka arts association, and member of the Black Parliament of theCongress of Deputies.

Carlos Delclós is a sociologist and lecturer at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra as well as an active participant in the 15-M Movement in Barcelona. His work focuses on migration, health inequalities, urban dislocations, urban conflict, economic organization in the home and in the workplace, and fertility. He is an editor at ROARMAG , a contributor to Open Democracy, and his work has appeared in media outlets such as Democracy Now!,AdbustersElDiario.esPeriódico DiagonalCadena SER amongst others. The child of Spanish immigrants, he is a dual U.S.-Spanish citizen. Aside from his work as an activist, researcher and teacher, Carlos is deeply interested in music, and has guest-hosted specials for DJ Rupture’s Mudd Up! radio program on New York’s WFMU andAndy G’s Music Beyond Borders on Houston’s KPFT.

The Audiovisual Source Code format is distributed through a Creative Commons BY-SA license and appears from the core of EMBED integrated audiovisual, a community that reflects on the integrated audiovisual.