Presentation at The Forum for European Journalism Students.

Today, we are presenting Doc Next and Remapping Europe to more than 100 student journalists form all over Europe!

155638_168258049864095_6076208_nThe 2013 Annual Congress (AC) is organized by the Forum for European Journalism Students, together with partners Evens Foundation and Café Babel in the Netherlands (25th to the 30th of April).

The topic of this year’s AC is ‘Imagine Europe: The remainder of the European Dream beyond the economic markets – is there a European society of culture, values, narratives and solidarity?’

The Dutch Organising Committee wants to portray a broad picture of the non-economic Europe. “Now that Barroso, Verhofstadt and Van Rompuy are daydreaming out loud about a European federation, we want to offer the young journalists sufficient and in-depth insights into that other Europe, the one of the narratives and diversity. The aim will be less on journalism than in other years, but it will not be forgotten – the editorial board of El País will be with us, NRC Handelsblad will be involved, and quite some lectures and Unknownworkshops will be dedicated to our profession. However, we believe that each journalist needs up-to-date knowledge of high quality to be able to report at the same level of quality. Therefore, we have invited about twenty Dutch and international high profiled speakers, to give lectures and workshops and to participate in debates and a panel discussion.

Subjects which we will discuss are, among others: Until where do the borders of Eastern Europe reach in terms of culture, geography, religion, linguistics and political values? Does a common European culture actually exist or is there even a creatable esprit européen, and if not, is that amiss? Should Europe have its own army, be upfront globally in terms of environment policy or human rights, by means of soft power? What does the art of painting tell us about Europe, what is the status of active European citizenship, a public space – which role is there to play by journalism? In what way is the European novel binding, amazing and educating us?”

Unknown-1imagesFor the Doc Next Network presentation the students visit Amsterdam.

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