Remapping Europe screenings in Istanbul continue

Remapping Europe Istanbul remix videos were showcased by Doc Next Network partner MODE Istanbul as part of Documentarist 2013 Festival’s Special Screenings Program, which coincided with the beginning of the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul.Beyoğlu

Remapping Europe videos from Turkey were screened on the 5th of June and a selection of Remapping Europe videos from Spain, Poland and Turkey were screened on the 6th of June as well as an international selection of Doc Next Shorts on the same day in the evening at SALT Beyoglu’s Open Theater.

During this time, Gezi Park had already transformed from a place of active protests against police force into forums of political discussions, and where mini concerts and film screenings were held. As an extension of these events, a small selection of Remapping Europe videos (‘Portmanteau’, ‘How Do You Know Tarlabasi’, ‘Migrant-Settler’) were also showcased at Gezi Park as part of Documentarist.

This gave way to an initiative of MODE Istanbul to hold an ongoing series of screenings after the Gezi protests had turned into small meetings across Istanbul’s many neighborhood parks as gathering places for people to collectively discuss the events and to formulate demands and solutions in the form of forums.

The first screening was held at Cihangir Park, in the Beyoğlu district, last week on the 27th of June, which included a selection of  Remapping Europe and relevant Gezi Park videos. A Vimeo channel Gezi MODE has also been launched to collect relevant videos for similar showcases to follow at different parks in Istanbul.


There will be another screening today on the 4th of July at Cihangir Park; MODE Istanbul will be organising a screening of the film ‘Ecumenopolis’ about urban transformation with the presence of the director Imre Azem. A Remapping Europe Istanbul remix ‘Gurbet City’ will be also shown before it. These events are made a part Lab MODE that will continue throughout the year as a part of Doc Next Network’s European media labs held by the different hubs.