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Doc Next Media Collection on Resourcespace

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The Doc Next Media Collection currently has a private space for researchers, media makers and professional distributors who need to access the database and download the material in high quality for screening or remix purposes. This platform is ResourceSpace and a username and password is required to get access.

The media works in the collection have versions with English subtitles and without subtitles, as well as the dialogue list (transcripts) in English. In ResourceSpace you can search through the collection by country, age and gender of maker, type of media, themes and categories.

We can help you to curate thematic collections, and we can guide you through the whole collection and its international community of media-makers.

View only?

Yes, you can also take a sneak preview. To view only (no download permission) login here with:

– Username: view only
– Password: docnext2014

Apply for access

Please note: When you only want to view the films, go to our Vimeo Channels. Only apply for a login if you plan to screen or distribute our films. How?

  1. First, please read the conditions for use (see below);

  2. Mail your request to mediacollection[AT]docnextnetwork.org, you will receive a username and password to login as a distributor;

  3. Log in on http://mediacollection.docnextnetwork.org. You can now download any works (under the conditions prevailing, see below);

  4. We kindly ask you to provide us with a short report after the event, within 3 weeks after the last day of your event.


You may view, download, and print works from the website, provided that:

  1. You credit the author (by stating his name in any publication of his/her work);

  1. You credit Doc Next Network by using the  Doc Next Network logo + URL www.docnextnetwork.org in any publication of selections of the Doc Next Media Collection*

  1. For online and/or offline screenings of video works: you show the Doc Next trailer before or after the selection of Doc Next works*;

  1. Mail us a short report of your event / activity, including publicity materials and possible photo and video material in relation to your event.

These conditions are part of the complete disclaimer for Doc Next Network and its media collection.

*You can find all materials (Logos, Text, Trailer) online. Where? In the Resourcespace collection called ‘Promo Materials Doc Next Network’.


You can download logos, the trailer and the outro via this website (above, under Condition for use). We can also help you curate thematic collections and guide you through the media collection.


The Doc Next Network media collection is built in ResourceSpace. ResourceSpace is a web-based, open source digital asset management system which has been designed to give content creators easy and fast access to print and web ready assets.

These guides below will help you use the system and the resources more effectively.

Download the user guide (PDF file)

Online Documentation (Wiki)


The Doc Next Media Collection | Doc Next on Vimeo | Curated Playlists

Doc Next Network on Vimeo

The Doc Next Media Collection | Doc Next on VimeoDoc Next on ResourceSpace | Curated Playlists


We use Vimeo to showcase our videos and curate playlists. It is not an archive, but most of our archive’s categories, as well as curated subcollections, are presented in Vimeo as channels.

Media Collection categories


Films made by, with and for young people

Kidsploitation Films about young people in cities – often with time on their hands
Young Eyes Life viewed through young people’s eyes
Teen Soapbox Teens share their opinions
Teen Drama Homemade dramas mostly made by teens and young people



Films made of personal and collective memories

Memory Prompts Using objects and buildings to explore the past
Remembering Communism Remembering the legacy of the Soviet Union in today’s Europe
Remembering War Films looking at the legacy of conflict, fighting and borders.


Watching Places

Films documenting places and the people who live in them

Watching the city Little glimpses of life in the city by day and night.
Watching the countryside Living in the European countryside
Watching small towns Portraits of places and people who live there


Social Struggles

The frontlines and faultlines of politics and power

Urban Change How cities are changed, what is lost and gained. Top down, bottom up
Chomsky’s Filters Revealing and subverting agendas in everyday media
The European Crisis Experiences of Europe’s Economic Crisis
Authoritarianism Films about oppression, exclusion and exploitation.
Civic Complaints Films providing a way to complain about urban life
Poverty People living on the margins.
Protests Films documenting European protests since 2011


Identities & Interests

Experiences of individuals and groups with whom they identify

Ageing Society Europe’s aging populations
Migrant Experiences Films about their feelings, struggles and dilemmas.
The Roma Windows on the Roma in Europe.
Disablism Films that touch on being significantly physically and mentally different to the norm
Liberating Women Talking about women, their rights, perceptions and representations
Labels for people Films about created and imposed identities.
Hybrid Identity People and places reconciling two established identities


Everyday Life

Documenting people at work, at play and in love

Transgressions Films about skating, rebellion and breaking conventions
Love Love, intimacy and its price with people, places and animals.
Pleasure People finding pleasure in hobbies, music and gardens.
Work Snapshots of people at work
Community Films about volunteering and communities supporting themselves



Videos to feel more than read

Vibes Videos that don’t seem to be about much specifically but create a strong ‘mood’
Dreamstates Dreamy films and surreal stories.


Other channels

DNN projects
About Doc Next Network Project trailers, making of, interviews and other promo materials.
Radical Democracy Video Challenge. Showcase of the 30 finalists.
Remapping Europe: a Remix Project. 46 videos

Guest curators
María Yáñez curates: The Ones That Stay. 10 videos
Necati Sonmez curates: Resist to Exist. 10 videos
Edwin Bendyk curates: Respect, appreciation, solidarity. 10 videos

Videos to #ReclaimTheCommons
Poland: Opening the heart of the city  15 videos
Turkey: Making the city liveable 21 videos
UK: Finding a home in the city  21 videos
Spain: Taking back the city 16 videos

We also follow some of the hubs’ channels, like Gezi MODE, that appears in our Channels list.

DNN has also used groups to gather content related to different projects, such as Remapping Europe and Radical Democracy Video Contest or even the whole DNN Media Collection. These groups are open to external members and are moderated by DNN.

The Doc Next Media Collection | Doc Next on ResourceSpace | Curated Playlists