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The Return of the Fraffi

The Fraffi is back! Our Friday Afternoon Film is returning to social media. First up is Memories: Remembering War, as this week marks the centenary of the Armenian Genocide.



This film was made by Erhan Arik (born 1984) from Turkey. The aim of the project was to tour the villages on either side of the Turkish-Armenian border and listen to stories, meaning a journey that will extend from Kars in the north to the southernmost tip. And by listening to the stories of Turkish people, which represent a source of fear for the Armenians, and the stories of Armenians, which represent a source of paranoia for the Turks, they set out to rediscover the essence and spirit of Anatolia, to revive the memory we are letting slip by the day…

Each week, on Friday afternoon we’ll be picking a film from our Media Collection and posting it on our Doc Next Network Facebook page. Where possible it will be tied in to current events, such as our first of the new series, but occasionally it will be triggered by a recollection we’ve had, a story we heard or even just one that we think should be shared. We’ll contextualise the film as we have above, and link to it on Vimeo. A good way to take a break as the weekend approaches!