Wanted: Communications Coordinator for “Radical Democracy for Europe”.

Implemented by Doc Next Network, “Radical Democracy for Europe” is a project that seeks to engage digital media makers in Europe -via the audio-visual works they create- to express their opinions and to take part in an inclusive public discourse around elections-related topics, such as radical democracy, civic engagement and political participation.

We are looking to temporary hire a communications coordinator for this project.

The first and most imminent phase of the project, the “European Elections 2014 – Call For Videos”, is designed as a campaign to raise awareness around the European Parliament elections to be held in May 2014.
The call aims to collect and share ‘socially and politically engaged’ videos that capture the views of both professional and Do-It-Yourself media makers on what living in Europe means and how ‘democracy’ is perceived on local, national and European levels – by instigating a debate where social/cultural communities, citizens and civil society in Europe are involved.

The questions to be tackled in the project are:
What does democracy mean? How can the notion of radical democracy be communicated and incorporated in our lives? What are the changes we would like to see in our societies? What are the values and goals that are needed to bring about these changes? What is prosperity, welfare, growth? How can they be achieved? How is power distributed, how shall it be distributed? What role do national and European level elections play, how can they be enhanced? How can the local communities be heard and engaged in decision-making processes? What role can and shall the citizens and civil society play?

Profile of the Communications Coordinator

For this project, we are looking for a Communications Coordinator, who:

  • handles main tasks related to communications and pr strategy of the project on an international level in a collaborative effort with the project team: develops the online/offline communications and pr strategy; identifies and liaises with organizations, platforms and networks in Europe to disseminate the call and all project activities on an international level; creates the content for online/offline communication materials;
  • has good knowledge and access to European-wide networks of culture and media organizations and civil society;
  • has proven excellent English (speaking and writing) skills;
  • has excellent communications and social media skills (especially main platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) + command over social media tool;
  • has knowledge about open and free culture approaches and is familiar with Creative Commons licenses, digital content, etc. 
  • is enthusiastic and has an open and curious approach;
  • can attend meetings, trainings and other events throughout the project, with frequent travel in different countries in Europe.

The Communications Coordinator might work in a team effort with a Communications Officer, who can provide assistance in the design and implementation of social media strategies. 

How to apply

Please send a motivation letter + CV on or before 5 January 2014 to rde@docnextnetwork.org with the subject:  RDE Communications Coordinator. (Please indicate the contact or platform that directed you to this notification). The complete activities plan will be shared on request.